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Custom fire extinguishers printed on Compress UV printers

Another brilliant application, this time form our partners TRUF in Malaysia. Custom printed fire extinguishers done on the Compress iUV printer. You can see the video here. We particularly like the one that was painted with glow in the dark paint and then overprinted on the Compress iUV600s. Well done to team TRUF for another good UV application

Ismadi the Compress iUV supertech

Meet Ismadi, Compress iUV supertech and applications expert in Malaysia and South East Asia. If you are in this part of the world, and you need to know anything about iUV printers, Ismadi is your man. You can contact him at

10 Printable Materials using Compress iUV Printer

Check out this excellent video giving an overview of 10 printable materials using the Compress iUV Printer.

The 10 things/materials shown are:
1. Ceramic & Stones
2. Metals (including gold & silver)
3. Leather (Natural or synthetic, Print on suede leather also)
4. Acrylic
5. Glass
6. Carton & Paper
7. Plastics
8. Wood
9. Canvas
10. and there is a not more information too. Go watch the video.

Fishing lures printed on the Compress iUV600s

This is a bit different, fishing lures printed on the Compress iUV600s machine. We are not sure if it will help you to catch more fish but they look good regardless.