iUV600s Specifications


On-demand inkjet (Micro Piezo) 
1440 nozzles. 3.5Nq-42Nq drop.


Draft Modes: 360 x 360, 720 x 360 dpi

Production Modes: 1440 x 720, 720 x 720dpi


8 (Dual CMYK or 4* White/Clear plus CMYK)
(Y, M, C, K, Cl, Cl, W, W), (Y, M, C, K, Cl, Cl, Cl, Cl), 
(Y, M, C, K, W, W, W, W), (Cl=Clear, W=White)

Print Area

604mm x 450mm (24″ x 17.7″)
Max media height: 285mm (11.2″)
Bed Size: 650mm x 450mm (25.6″ x 17.7″)


Processor driven conveyor
 with auto height registration


Individual 250ml refillable ink tanks. 
Available with iUV LED pigmented UV-curable inks in 
500ml and 1000ml bottles.

Ink Delivery

Bottle – pressurised CMYK

Bottle – pressurised re-circulation – white (WIMS) 
with filtration

Operating System

Microsoft® Windows® XP or later

RIP – IQ Rip


AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz, 10A, 
Consumption – 55W or less, Standby – 5W, Off – 1W

Physical Dimensions

1130(W) x 1200(H) x 1210(L)mm
 – 44.5″(W) x 47″(H) x 47.6″(L)

Weight: 178kg (boxed weight will vary)

Print Speeds*

Draft (360dpi ranges): @ 35m2 (@376ft2)
Production (720dpi ranges): @ 12m2 (@129ft2)
Quality (1440dpi ranges): @ 6m2 (@64ft2)

*  Based on dual CMYK. Approximate figures dependent on graphics etc. and are a guide only. White and clear can lower production rates. Additional print modes supported within RIP. Print trials are recommended prior to production.