LED UV Printers

Compress iUV LED UV 350s PrinteriUV350s LED UV Printer


Compress is a leading manufacturer of Industrial UV printers and the iUV350s LED UV printer completes the outstanding flexibility of its existing iUV family and the first desktop version in its range – very competitively priced, the iUV dimensions enable it to be installed in tight workplaces by being able to fit through standard doorways allowing it to be operated in more locations with ease. The iUV 350s is perfect for retail and manufacturing of small parts however its speed is equivalent to its bigger siblings the iUV 600s and 1200s printer models and delivers over 50% increase in Industrial speed and reliability. More >>

Compress iUV LED UV 600s PrinteriUV600s LED UV Printer

DUAL LAMP • LED UV • >3002fph • ECO INKS

Compress LED UV printer technology is an entirely new small footprint flatbed UV printer that brings cost-effective, on-demand color printing to the production floor for a multitude of substrates. The Compress iUV600s gives you the freedom to print exactly what you want, when you want and virtually to whatever you want. Fast color digital printing is possible for glass, metal, plastics, board stocks, acrylic and more. Even flexible medias like textiles and Leather deliver the widest flexibility in commercial printing options. The Compress iUV600s flexibility means reduced waste, less inventory, accelerated workflow, full color process printing to a multitude of substrates with variable data imprinting – attract new business and customers or solve current production issues. More >>

Compress iUV LED UV 1200s PrinteriUV1200s LED UV Printer

DUAL LAMP • LED UV • >3002fph • ECO INKS

The iUV1200s flatbed printer offers many great features and value not offered by others in the industry. With a wider print width of 1150mm and a media height thickness of 300mm, the iUV1200s is truly a “game changing” UV printing solution. In addition, the iUV1200s is packed with 14 industry leading features including dual third generation LED UV lamp arrays with liquid cooling system, Uni and Bi directional printing increasing output up to 8 times more than comparable brands, WIMS (White Ink Management System) for automated ink re-circulation and filtration. The iUV1200s is a remarkable UV printer for anyone requiring high quality UV printing to virtually any substrate in the industrial branding market. Maximum print area of 1137 x 750mm and a media height of 300mm the iUV1200s is the perfect addition for industrial decoration applications and signage. Optional vacuum tables and the ability to take substrates up to 40kg opens a range of new opportunities. More >>

Compress iUV LED UV 600LNE PrinteriUV600LNE Industrial LED UV

Industrial LED UV Production mass customisation


The iUV600-LNE Series was designed for uninterrupted mass decoration to industrial parts and promotional items.

An auto cartridge loader feeds trays of products for decoration direct into the dual LED UV printer for fast printing and continuous in line decoration to a variety of shapes and sizes. Typically, parts with a maximum height of 150mm are loaded to trays 450 x 450mm in dimension, and up to 300 trays are fed through the printer and ejected to either a  conveyor or stacker for final inspection and delivery. More >>

Compress iUV LED UV 600BRD PrinteriUV600BRD Industrial LED UV

Industrial LED UV Production mass customisation


The iUV600 BRD series is a powerhouse in production for either proofing/strike off or short run production to coated and uncoated board stocks including plastic sheets, all common sign and corrugated media. An auto sheet feeder delivers media 600 x 1200mm in length for printing (up to 2000mm in length with manual feeding) without operator intervention. More >>